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How you can MAKE MONEY from this series of science fiction novels.
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How To Make Money From The Planet Dominatrix Books

If you have a website, blog, twitter page, facebook account, etc. you can actually use your site/blog/social media to make money simply by linking to the science fiction books in the Planet Dominatrix series!

To do this you first need to sign up for a free account with the company who distributes these science fiction books. Don't worry, it is free, and the only reason you have to open an account is so that they know where to send your money to! You get 35% of the sales of each book they sell. (Link in the menu to a page that tells you how to do this.)

When you have done that, you will find all sorts of tools to help you make money listed in the menu to the left. Or, if you are totally new to making money this way, you will find a link headed "Beginners Guide To Making Money Online". This goes a page I created on another site for one of our other (older) publishing companies, so it goes off site. But it gives loads of useful information for total beginners!

But do not just use the tools here. Get creative. Remember, the more original your advert, the more likely it is to get a sale. And the more sales you make, the more money you make!

So sign up with the company who will be paying you the money, then look through this site and start making money. Heaven knows you need it!

This should go without saying, but sadly it doesn't: DON'T lie about the books. That is illegal, and do not think you will get away with it. If someone complains, the first place the police will go will be the people selling the book. That is SmashWords or A1, not me. If you are reported they will simply stop paying you and you will get no money. And no company is going to be prepared to go down in flames for one affiliate who breaks the law. Like any sponsor, if you break the law they will hand your details over to the police, and the next thing you know will be the inside of a prison cell.