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We lost several domains while I was in hospital, so several of our sites are gone. I will replace them on new domains ASP, but for the moment several external links either don't work or go to the site of whoever bought them while I was laid up and off the net. Sorry.

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We lost several domains while I was in hospital, so several of our sites are gone. I will replace them on new domains ASP, but for the moment several external links either don't work or go to the site of whoever bought them while I was laid up and off the net. Sorry.


How To Make Money From The Planet Dominatrix Books Using Pictures

Elsewhere on this site you will find a page of pictures you can use to publicise the book. They can be used to illustrate articles. They can be posted as pictures in their own right on pages with links to the book. They can even be used in galleries, again with links to the books. But these are what everyone does. There are other ways to use the pictures to make money. Here I'll give you a few ideas.

Although first off let me say: Don't abandon using them to illustrate articles, posting them as pictures in their own right on pages with links to the book, or using them in galleries with links to the books. These all work, and will help you make money. However use the ideas I am about to give you as well.

Secondly you are going to need a way of adding text to your pictures. You may already have one on your computer and not know this. For example, some versions of Windows have a program called "Paint" (Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Paint). If you don't have this or don't like the one you have (Paint is not the best graphics program on the market) then there are several suitable free programs available. The two I use (which are both free) are:

IrFanView Which is just a basic picture viewer/re-sizer/re-sampler, but it does have the ability to add text and change canvas size (and a few other tricks). It is probably the easiest thing to use for a beginner, and I use it for quick, simple text adding jobs. Click Here to go to the IrFanView website

Gimp This is a full featured graphics program, like Photoshop. It is the one used by most professionals (probably because, unlike Photoshop, it is free). Using this to add text is a bit like using a Ferrari to drive to the corner shop, but it does the job, and is a worthwhile bit of kit to own. Click Here to go to the Gimp website

OK, so once you have your weapon of choice, either one of the programs listed above, or something else, let us talk about what magic you can perform with it, and how this is going to make you rich!

To start with, simply adding your sales link with your affiliate code intact will do. Then post this wherever you like. Start with the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) then maybe post to newsgroups, web groups, web boards, chat rooms etc..

But first a quick word about newsgroups, web groups, web boards, chat rooms, picture hosts etc..

Only post where you are allowed to post. Don't spam. Flooding boards where such posts are not welcome will get you banned across a whole range of places. So don't post in inappropriate places. IE, post to groups that are about books, reading, writing, science fiction, dominatrix, submissive men, fantasy, etc., etc., etc.. If in doubt, ask the moderators first.

Some of you may not know what I mean by newsgroups, web groups, web boards, chat rooms picture hosts etc.. If so, start with the ones you know and I'll be posting articles about the others in future weeks.

OK, important stuff over. Now for the fun stuff: Buggering about with the pictures!

Actually one more bit of important stuff: Your licence to change the pictures - You can add text to them, but you cannot remove or change the existing text. You also cannot change the pictures in any way (e.g. no photoshopping bare breasts onto the women). However you can enlarge the canvas and add something above, below, or to the side of the picture (more about that later). You can also resize them. And remember that these pictures can ONLY be used when advertising/publicising/reviewing the books.

Also be aware that although most of the articles on this site contain advice you can use for other sponsors you use on your site, I am the only one I know who allows you to bugger about with the pictures, most do not. Most will not even allow you to add links to their pictures. Before trying anything mentioned on this page with other sponsors check with them to see if it is OK. If you don't they may get legal on you!

OK, important stuff definitely over now. So let's start making money!

You have by now (I hope) added your sales link with your affiliate code intact. Posting pictures as they are, but with your sales link/affiliate code added will bring you some sales, so don't neglect this when doing the following. All strategies are valid, and the more different strategies you use the more money you will make. (You want to make more money don't you?)

Now look at these two pictures of the castor:

The only difference between the two is the text on the second one. I added that text to attract the viewers attention and (hopefully) make them consider buying the book to find out more. You may have other ideas about what it should say, for example "This device is used to slash open a male slave's scrotal sack and rip out his testicles. Shiiiiiit!!!!!!" Or "If this is what they use on Planet Dominatrix to castrate males, I think I'll stick to using a condom!" Or possibly you could do better. Well, if so, get the first picture into ItFanView or Gimp and get going.

You do not have to stick to pictures that already have text. Take this picture for example:

You could add "She has a whip in her right hand and a castration device in her left hand. Which one will she use on her male slave first?"

Remember, you cannot cover or delete existing text, but you can add it. For example take this picture:

And add "She will make men SUFFER!" And you get:

And if you make your caption humorous you could post it as a meme on meme sites:

(OK that is not very funny, but I'm a science fiction writer not a comedy writer. You could no doubt do better!)

Near he start of this article I said "you can enlarge the canvas" and said I would explain what I mean later. Well, if you compare the above picture with the original you will notice that there is more space above the mistress than there was on the original. The original picture ended just above her head, on this version there is enough space above the picture to add the words "My last girlfriend was a bit of a control freak." I could alternatively have added the space below the picture and used that space to add words. And it is also possible to add space to the side of a picture.

To do this using IrFanView use Image > Change canvas size. You will then get a dialogue box that lets you add pixels to the sides, top, and bottom (set any that you don't want to change to "0").

In Gimp use Image > Canvas size. However if you use Gimp you will probably have to add a new layer first, because you will probably want to move the original image about a bit on the new canvas.

Do note you can also change the size of an image if you want, and make it smaller or bigger. Although in most circumstances I would advise against making it bigger as this will degrade picture quality.

I also said earlier that you cannot change the original image, but you can add things to the sides, above or below the picture. Here is an example of that:

Of course you don't have to try to be funny, a simple sales message can be good:

Do note that you can only use pictures that you have a licence for or copyright for. In the above two cases the soldiers come from an (as yet unused) illustration for a website I was creating and the woman is the model who supplied the breasts on the cover Dominatrix. (Recognise the bikini top?) Don't just steal any old picture and use it, that will get you arrested. Only use pictures that you have permission to use.

Finally, did you notice what was missing from the above pictures? The same thing I mention at the end of most articles: Your sales link with your affiliate code attached! Don't forget that or you will not make any sales!

So those are the basics, no doubt you can think of many better ideas. So get creating, and posting to newsgroups, web groups, web boards, chat rooms, picture hosts etc.. If you don't know what all those things are, I'll post articles on them in the near future, for now post to those that you do know about.

Oh, and if you want to, you can use the example pictures I created here to make sales.