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We lost several domains while I was in hospital, so several of our sites are gone. I will replace them on new domains ASP, but for the moment several external links either don't work or go to the site of whoever bought them while I was laid up and off the net. Sorry.

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We lost several domains while I was in hospital, so several of our sites are gone. I will replace them on new domains ASP, but for the moment several external links either don't work or go to the site of whoever bought them while I was laid up and off the net. Sorry.


Twitter And Other Sites That Limit Post Length

Basically do all that I said in the Facebook article but within 140 characters. - Good luck with that! :)

OK, so being serious, how the hell do you fit it into 140 characters?

First off, have you read the articles Facebook and writing articles yet? If not, do so now. A lot of what I am about to say here duplicates what I said in those articles but with minor changes to accommodate the 140 character limit. I'm not going to type the same thing twice, so I'll keep it short in this article and assume that you have already read those two article.

There are several methods, the first is to cheat. Think how often do you see a post like this:
Some great news about Planet Dominatrix. Read all about it on my main site/blog: (link to main site)
That works brilliantly in most cases, but there are three problems with that idea:
  1. What if you don't have a main site or blog?
  2. It involves extra work.
  3. A lot of people won't actually bother going to your main site/blog so you loose a sale!
Well, if your problem is just the second one, then try remembering that nothing is free, you want lots of money, then you got to do some work! However the other two are serious problems, so let us look into those.

I suppose it will be easiest for me to dismiss the first point with the smug line "If you don't have another site then get one" but some people just want to make a few bucks out of Twitter, and don't want the bother of going through all that. Also, that last point is a big one. There is a saying in the webmaster community that "Click Here For More" is an invitation to the surfer to give up and go elsewhere. Twitter has the additional problem that links show as links, there is no call to action (i.e. the "click here to..." is missing - surprisingly that makes a lot of difference, a hell of a lot of people won't click if it does not say "click here" even if you are offering a free speedboat and you own personal jet, with pilot).

However please don't think I am saying never do this. It works well, it makes a lot of sales and I use it all the time. Take a look at my Twitter feed if you want to see it in action. Click Here to open my Twitter feed in a new tab/window.

So please do make use of the "see the main site for details" thing, and if you don't have a main site or blog, you can always use Facebook to host your longer articles (or MySpace, which apparently still exists). Or you can set up a free blog on a free blog server like Blogger.

(As a side note on that "Click Here" thing: In the last two paragraphs I gave links to my Twitter page and Blogger. I'll get more than ten times as many people clicking on the link to my Twitter page than going to Blogger. Or at least I would if I had not included this side note, but after reading this a hell of a lot of people will go back and click on the Blogger link just to prove me wrong!)

But do not only use the method of adding links to your other site, mix it up with actual posts. If you look at my Twitter feed you will notice that I tend to overdo the "links to other sites" thing. This is bad, and a habit I am trying to break (by the time you read this, I may have succeeded at this). You want a few "See my main site for full details" type tweets, and a few "full tweets".

Do how do you sell a book in 140 characters and also fit in a link with your affiliate code?

The first problem is that you have to include the SmashWords link with your affiliate code, which is long. Well there are free services that shorten them for you. Basically they give you a link to their site that redirects to your link (e.g. ""). This also helps hide the fact that you have an affiliate code on the link. There are several sites you can use:

Twitter's current preferred provider is (as I type this, but it could change) They used to recommend If you are a Google fan, Google also run a similar service There are also others. Pick the one you like best but remember to take into consideration that some produce shorter links than others and the fact that different social media companies prefer different link shortener companies, and some ban a few. However there is nothing to stop you using several services and picking the best for each job.

So, you have shortened your link, you still have to fit everything into 140 characters, so how do you manage that?

Well with long articles that is obviously impossible. Which is why I say also use the "link to main site/blog" option. But there are several things you can do in under 140 characters:
  • Recommendations are an ideal tweet. For example:
    "I love this book, so will you, try it."
    "This is a great science fiction novel. Give it a go."
    "I'm really enjoying the crime story embedded in this science fiction story, read it and see what I mean."
    "I love the idea of a world where women rule, read all about it in this book."
    "You know I like science fiction, so you know that when I say 'read this book' you should do so!"
    "It is great the way this book combines crime and science fiction, so you want to read it."
    "This is a a really erotic science fiction novel, try it."
    Do note that all those end with a call to action. With no possible "click here" on Twitter I have asked my reader to get the book - it helps sales.

  • Very short extracts are also a good tweet. For example (all these come from the extracts page of the press release site):
    "A third bang rang out from the alley opposite her, as the final shot was fired. - The fatal shot."
    "From ten to eleven the streets are filled with topless women beating naked men."
    "Brianna was supreme ruler of the planet designated PE5673, but known more simply as Dominatrix."
    "Brianna poked his penis with the end of her whip and ordered him 'Get that thing erect.'"
    "After the second shot everyone assumed it was fireworks. After the the third shot someone was dead."
    "'Your penis needs to be erect for this punishment.' She told the slave, and he obediently stiffened his penis."
    "Carolana had joined the exodus to PE5673 because she loved the idea of having men slaves."
    "Her initial instinct was to kill the killer, hide the body, then claim that the real killer had escaped"
    "Gertrine was enjoying making a slave cry out in pain using pincers."
    "The slave had dreamt of escaping Carolana's cruel ownership almost all his adult life."
    "Male slaves quickly learnt to control their erections."
    "This murderer was an unheard of type of assassin."
    "Fulopia was enjoying torturing the slaves testicles"
    "Carolana was one of the original settlers on Dominatrix."
    "'Come here' she ordered the slave 'I want you to fuck me.'"
    "With a sadistic laugh of delight Walliris touched the hot end of the poker to the tender flesh of the slave's ass cheeks."
    "As a punishment he was made to go to the dungeon and request the Dungeon Mistress torture him for an hour with the penis screw."
    You can shorten quotes. For example, the last two are close on 140 characters, you may go over after adding even a shortened link. So you could trim them further: "With a laugh of delight Walliris touched the hot end of the poker to the slave's ass cheeks."
    "As a punishment he was made to request the Dungeon Mistress torture him for an hour with the penis screw."

  • In the Facebook article I recommend that you post your thoughts on the various characters. This can be made to fit into 140 characters. For example:
    "That Nysa Ordell is a bitch."
    "In a funny way I quite fancy Carolana."
    "Grief, Brianna was lucky, imagine inheriting an entire planet!"
    (All the information I needed to write those tweets came from the press release site or the free extract from SmashWords.)

  • You can also fit the trick of posting about the planet and colony itself. For example:
    "I'd love/hate to live on Planet Dominatrix."
    "Looking at the cover picture the scenery on Planet Dominatrix is really beautiful."
    "Can you imagine living in a world where women rule?"

  • And use my Facebook suggestion of trying to fit things from your own life into the book, on Twitter. For example:
    "Sometimes I wish I lived on Planet Dominatrix."
    "Sometimes I feel like I live on Planet Dominatrix."
    " looked like I imagine a barran from Planet Dominatrix would look."

  • You can also try fitting mentions of the books into conversations. The most obvious one is "...that is just like Planet Dominatrix", but think in all conversations about how you can squeeze in a mention of the books.

  • Tweet photos! There is a whole page of them somewhere on this site! I'm going to run an article on using photos effectively in about a couple of weeks time, there will be good advice in that on maximising the use of photos.

Those are my ideas, no doubt you can think up plenty of other ideas of your own.

A quick word about #hashtags: Hashtags are there to help group tweets together and make searches easy. But they take up valuable characters, of which you only have 140. So how important are they?

Way way back, when I started using hashtags I had no idea which one to use for science fiction. Was is #sciencefiction, #scifi, or #sf? So I did a search for "science fiction" on Twitter and found that less than 5% (less than 1 in 20) used a hashtag. And the few that did, varied in which tag they used (#sciencefiction, #scifi, or #sf).

So my conclusion is: Hashtags help, but only a little. So use them if you have space left at the end of your post, but do not shorten your post to fit them in.

And I'll finish with the same message I finished my article on Facebook posts, by saying: Don't forget to end your tweet with a link to SmashWords' Planet Dominatrix page containing your affiliate code (or a shortened link as mentioned above), so that they can buy the damn thing! It may sound silly, but people often tweet about something they are selling, but forget to include the link.

Well good luck, and get tweeting!