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How you can MAKE MONEY from this series of science fiction novels.

We lost several domains while I was in hospital, so several of our sites are gone. I will replace them on new domains ASP, but for the moment several external links either don't work or go to the site of whoever bought them while I was laid up and off the net. Sorry.

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We lost several domains while I was in hospital, so several of our sites are gone. I will replace them on new domains ASP, but for the moment several external links either don't work or go to the site of whoever bought them while I was laid up and off the net. Sorry.


How To Make Money From The Planet Dominatrix Books Using Articles

I'm assuming that you have worked out how to add the adverts to your website (if not take a look at the "Beginners Guide"). On this page I'll talk about an even better way to get sales, and make even more money.

That is to publish articles about the books. The articles don't have to be long. And articles will sell a hell of a lot quicker than adverts or galleries. But you are probably thinking "I know practically bugger all about the books, so how can I write an article about them?" Well that is easy.

For a start there is the "press release" website. That has several articles about the books that you can mine for information. And if you are lazy, you can even simply copy the articles directly from it (for reasons I'll explain later on this page, I suggest that you at least change them slightly, but you don't have to!). You can take a look at the Press Release site if you click here.

You can find even more information on the blog. However you cannot copy those articles or republish them. Only use the blog to get information to use in articles you write yourself. You can visit the blog if you click here

There are also several other sites about the books that have some information you can use. See the section to the left headed "Other Websites About Planet Dominatrix" for links. Plus, of course, there is our Twitter feed and Facebook page. You should visit these regularly for new information (ideally follow/like them for instant updates).

You may wonder how long an article to write. To be honest this simply depends on the time you have, the space you have, and the type of site you run. It could be a few lines only, less than a hundred words. Or it could be an enormous great epic. You choose.

Take for example the castor. You could write a long article like the one on the blog (click here to see the article) or you could simply say:
The Castor
The castor was originally designed as a device to castrate male slaves. During the revolt it was used to castrate slaves as a punishment for revolting. As it was carried on the battlefield for "instant punishment" it was handy in battles and began to get used as a weapon. After the war was over, many police officers and some civilians continued to carry it as a defensive weapon.
The length is entirely up to you. Although it will probably be best determined by the type of site you have. Some sites require short articles, some require long one. Same with blogs.

On both this site and the press release site there are some pictures you can use to make your articles more interesting if you want (but you don't have to if you don't want). More pictures will be added from time to time. But remember to download them to your server, do not hotlink them. I plan to move the pictures soon, and if you have hotlinked them, then when this happens your site will get broken images, and Google will drop your listing to the bottom of their searches, and may even consider it an "unfinished site" and stop listing it altogether.

Now what to put in your article? Well here are a few ideas:
  • Talk about the story, but the important thing is to not give too much away. The more the surfer knows of the plot, the less likely they are to buy the book. You may not have read the book, that is a good thing actually when writing about the plot. Instead of reading the whole thing, download and read the free extract from Smashwords sales page (which, I think, is just the first chapter) and read both the plot summery and the extracts on the press release site (links to both SmashWords site and Press Release site are on the left under "Other Websites About Planet Dominatrix). Use that information to write your article.

  • Write about the author, again use the press release site for details about him (there is a biography about him, a short question and answer section, and a also a few of the "interesting facts" in the Interesting Facts section are about the author. (Sorry about referring to myself in the third person.)

  • Write about the things used in the books. There are currently articles on the castor and guns on the blog, and I am about to run a series of articles about the various types of whips used on Planet Dominatrix. You cannot copy these articles, but you can use the articles as "research", and write articles on the same subject. IE say the same things, but in different words.

  • You can use the news items and announcements from our Twitter And Facebook pages as the basis for articles. For example when I tweeted that I had sent the new version of the book to the publishers you could have written a short article about the book going to the publishers. However you can also tweet about tweets or posts. For example last Mother's Day I posted a Dr Who picture from a "mother related" episode of the show (Empty Child - "Are you my mummy?"). A simple article saying "Jed Darke, author of Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix, is so Dr Who obsessed that he even uses the show on his Mother's Day messages. You can read Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix if you click here (add link with your affiliate code here)".

  • You could write articles supporting the idea of women ruling and all men being made slaves. For example my blog begins with: "The problem with men is that they are not slaves! And they are not obliged to obey women under pain of torture! Women would find it so much easier if they had male slaves instead of husbands/partners/boyfriends. And life, in general, would be so much better for women if all male humans were men slaves. Male slaves whose only function in life was to obey their mistresses. And the law should allow a mistress to do anything she liked with her men slaves."

  • Or do the opposite. Write an article condemning the idea of male slavery, then link to the book.

  • If you have read the book, write about some of the characters. I gave a lot of detail about some of them in the book which can be used to write short biographies of them. And if you have not read the book, download the free extract. That will give you enough material for a short biography of Nysa Ordell, and for very short biographies of Brianna Derush, and Kekona Derush.

  • Write about the history of the planet. Again, all this is in the free extract.

  • Write about the history of mankind's colonisation of space. Yet again, this information is in the free extract.

  • If you know anything about any subject mentioned in the book or publicity, then write about that and add a link to the book. For example it is mentioned on the press release site that the photos I use for Planet Dominatrix are actually of North Wales. You could write an article about North Wales and mention that "The beautiful countryside of the region is used as the backdrop for photographs of Planet Dominatrix in the novel Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix. You can read Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix if you click here (add link with your affiliate code here)".

  • Basically, write about anything you have any knowledge of, or can find out about, and work in a way to insert a sales link to the book. EG "I went to the circus yesterday. Sometimes I think Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix, is like a circus...... You can read Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix if you click here (add link with your affiliate code here)".

OK, so now you have a list of things you can write about. It is not a complete list, it is just the things I could think of. No doubt you will be able to think of other things that have not crossed my mind. Now a few pointers on how to make your articles into great sales tools.

First off always end your article with a link. "You can read Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix if you click here (add link with your affiliate code here." You may have an advert beside or below it, but ALSO end with a link. This will give you over ten times as many clicks as a simple advert, so will potentially mean you make over ten times as much money!

Even if you have not read the book, infer you have (and that you liked it). EG not "I heard about this great science fiction novel that I am told is great." Use "I just read this great science fiction novel."

And make your article a recommendation. Not "There is this book I think you might like." But "I can strongly recommend you read this book."

And avoid words like "think" and "might", instead use more positive words like "know" and "will". Instead of "This is a book I think you might like." Use "Here is a book I know you will love."

If you are writing about the plot, try to leave things open ended so that the reader wants to know more. Deliberately end with a mystery. And questions do this better than statements. EG: Instead of "Some mysterious person is killing the slaves on Planet Dominatrix." Try "Who is killing the slaves on Planet Dominatrix?" Instead of "There is also a conspiracy behind the murders." Try "Is there a conspiracy behind the murders?" Instead of "But the slaves are only being killed by mistake, the real targets are the women of Planet Dominatrix." Try "Are the slaves only being killed by mistake? Are the real targets are the women of Planet Dominatrix?" Etc.. Your reader will be made to want to know the answer, so will be more likely to buy the book.

Although you must write your articles to sell, and will word them appropriately, also try to include keywords that apply to the book. For example words that infer science fiction, crime stories (for Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix), fem dom, mistresses, male slaves, outer space, adventure, reading, books, etc.... The reason for this is that you want people who might buy the book to read the article. Someone interested in science fiction is very likely to buy it. Someone interested in romance and watching horses race, less so. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines will send people to your page based on the words on your page. So you want people who are interested in this sort of thing to visit your site. You have to use a few appropriate keywords to bait your trap via the search engines.

Of course, if you are using the last suggestion in my "article ideas" list you may not want to do this. For example, if you have written an article on gardening and ended "Sometimes I just like to sit in the garden and read books like Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix. You can read Mistress Of Planet Dominatrix if you click here (add link with your affiliate code here)." In that case you will want gardners to visit your page, so will not want to pepper it with references to the book. That is OK to. You won't make as much money out of my book, but it will help your site in general. And remembers - some gardners read science fiction too (and so do a few people interested in romance and watching horses race).

Now that we have gone through a list of ideas for articles and ways of improving the sales they produce, some people may be thinking "But why do I need to do this? I can simply republish the articles from the press release site." Well, you can. And doing that will make money. But there are four reasons it would be a better idea to create your own articles.
  1. When those articles were written the authors had no idea what kind of site you would be publishing them on. It could be a science fiction site, a crime story site, a fem dom site, a femme fatal site, a GGA site, etc.. It could even be a totally unrelated site (take the gardening site mentioned above, for example). So it was not possible for the authors to include keywords pertinent to your site. But if you rewrite them you can use appropriate keywords and so make more sales (and also get more website visitors).

  2. You will not be the only person republishing the articles. If your surfer has read them elsewhere first, they are going to stop reading after a few lines, and you have lost a sale!

  3. The articles on the press release site were written to give out information. They were not written to make sales. You can do a damn sight better yourself, sales wise, if you rewrite them in a "buy this thing" fashion rather than just republish.

  4. You want Google traffic. And Yahoo traffic. And Bing traffic. And traffic from other search engines. Search engines give very low listing to pages that contain duplicated content. And if the only text on the page is duplicated content and adverts, they will usually not list that page at all. So unless most of your traffic comes from regular surfers or traffic trades, using duplicated content will not bring in enough visitors to make a reasonable number of sales.

Well that is about it. Get writing, and get making money. Remember, good articles combined with good website traffic will get you good sales, and make you good money. But you gotta write those articles in the first place. So start now, and start making money!